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Nail Art at Home with Water & Ideas About Water Marble Nails

Creating interesting nail art designs and patterns using a variety of mesmerizing shades and colors is a common practice these days. Now you can see designers introducing brand new nail art designs and ideas every passing day. These days the most popular design in the market is water marble nail art.Nail Art at Home

Nail Art at Home with Water

Though it seems tough but it is actually as easy to create as a simple one. You just need a clean hand to do it yourself. Here is an easy step by step tutorial to water marble manicure.

Stuff required:

Water, two different nail paints (of your choice), top coat nail polish remover and toothpick.


To begin with, take a small bowl and take some water in it. Don’t forget to put a piece of paper down around order to prevent the mess.

Now, take a nail polish color and using a brush put a drop of it in the water. Thereafter put a droplet of the other nail color just in the middle of the first one.

Keep on dripping the colors one by one reputing the step almost eight times.

Gently stir the colors with toothpick to manipulate the color. But it should be done very carefully so the colors do not mix too much.

Next up, tape your fingers from the skin around the nails and dip them into the water. The tape will prevent colors from sticking to the skin. Make sure to dip fingers one by one.

As soon as the nails are fully dry, take the tape off. Clean up any traces of nail paint from the finger using that somehow managed to seep through the tape with remover and cotton.

Finish the mani with a top coat and flaunt your fabulous nail-job proudly.

Extra tips:

If you are new to the world of nail art or water marbling always settle on lighter color of nail polish. Also make sure to settle on the ones that go good with each other.

If you know how to play with colors use more than two colors to make your nails more interesting and eye catching.

Vaseline may also be used instead of tape to prevent stains.