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Nail Art Designs and Smudged Nails Tips

I am very much impressed from the nail art designs and I personally think that the people who create the new designs and new styles are very brilliant and people who created 3D acrylic styles and designs, do you know that it is a kind of clay and then create a nail art designs in it with other shades and styles? It’s so awesome and it is so cool, but that does not mean that regular people cannot create the new and stylish style at home with our own mind.

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There are lots of things that you can use to create the new look and there are millions of things that you can use to look beautiful you can use different shade and you can use different accessories to enhance the look, you can use plain silver or black base coat and then use 3D accessories to enhance the look, use your imagination and use your creativity, never ever fare doing something new cause nail art designs once was a crazy thing for people and there were millions of people who use to think that it look creepy and it would never ever get famous cause it look ugly and now at the moment it is a world the most famous and the most talk about fashion and people all around love to give it a try and I am going to give you a new line of creativity cause it I really like it and like smoky eyes you can use the same technique with almost all of the shade according to your requirement or desire.

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Now we are going to talk about the style and I am looking for a blue and white look and you can use any shade, you just need to use a base shade and then you need a strong top shade and that’s it, but if you want to add some detailing then you can pick whatever you want, I am using white as a base coat, first of all use base coat and then apply white mate shade as a first shade and let it get dry and then apply a plain blue shade on the top and you need to cover the whole nail and when it get dry now you need to get ready for the main trick.

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Dip a cotton buds in nail polish remover and squeeze it a bit cause we don’t want to remove all of the shad, just a bit, now you just need to rub your nails with that a bit till you start seeing the smudgy white our of blue but we want blue too, a lighter and darker, but we do need blue and then apply the top transparent shiny top coat to keep the design safe.

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