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Nail Art Easy Designs for Short At Home Easy

Nail Art Easy Designs for Short At Home Easy; they are practical and easy for everyone to carry and maintain. Small nails, when decked up rightly using stunning nail art designs tends to glam up your entire personality right away. But unfortunately, unlike long nails, it’s quite difficult to find interesting nail design ideas for short nails. So, to ease the tension of nail art lovers, when have put together some easy and interesting nail art designs you can effortlessly create at home, check them out;

Nail Art Easy Designs

Marble Nail Art:Nail Art Easy Designs for Short At Home Easy

Though it seems tough and time-taking in first glance, but actually marble nail art designing is a fun. Provided that you have a lean hand, creating marble nail art design onto your short nails is a matter of minutes. You just need to simply add two contrasting nail colors in water systematically (add a drop of one shade in water then add the other just in the middle of the first drop; repeating the step for 6-8 times). After blending the colors meticulously, dip your nails in the water one by one. Wait for the colors to dry up fully and finish off with top coat. Wipe any residues of color from the cuticles with nail color remover and a cotton swab.

Ombre Nail Art: Ombre Nail Art

it is another breathtaking idea to spice up your short nails, especially if you’ve ombre-ed your hair just recently. To get the look, first apply base coat and as soon as it is utterly dried, cover ¾ part of your nail with your selected glitzy nail color. Next up, put the second coat all through the middle of your nail and finally apply the third one just along the cuticles to create a gradual ombre effect. Finish off with top coat.

Mixed and Match:Mixed and Match

This could be a perfect nail art choice for the beginners as it doesn’t need much perfection.  While painting tiny patterns on short nails turns out to be tricky, adding one or two shades in an electric mix and match pattern is fun. Think about painting your ring finger nail metallic or glittery to compliment rest of the nails.Nail Art Easy Designs Nail Art Easy Designs Nail Art Easy Designs