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Nail Care Friendly Footwear

Just like the fingernails, toenails too call for proper care and attention. Healthy and tidy toe nails enhance the beauty of you feet and also impart good impression of your entire personality. If your nails are rough, damages and scruffy, don’t hide them in different types of shoes. Rather visit a physician and get them treated.

One thing that causes severe damage to your feet is unfit footwear. To keep the feet as well as the toenails healthy and glowing choose the footwear wisely. A few toenail care tips concerning proper footwear are given here. Following these tips will help keeping your feet healthy.

  • If you want to have hale and hearty feet, you must have more than a few pairs of shoes. If you love wearing high heels, be sure to have shoes with heels of varying heights. This will help canceling out the effects of high heels. The heels you buy should be just three quarters of an inch.
  • The footwear you have should support your feet properly, dropping the odds of injury.
  • Avoid sporting the same pair of shoes daily.
  • The footwear you choose should be of natural materials so that your feet can breathe freely.
  • Don’t wear worn-out sports footwear if you have nail fungus.
  • If you are set to buy a new pair of shoes, draw the sketch of your feet on a paper beforehand. This way you will get an idea of actual size of the shoe you are supposed to buy.
  • The footwear you buy should be wide and cozy so that air can easily circulate through it and you don’t feel any sort of uncomfortable while wearing those shoes.
  • While picking off the closed shoes, make sure that there is enough room between your longest toe and your toe-box. The size of the space ought to be as much as the size of your thumb.
  • Avoid staying bare footed as it adds to the odds of your feet getting hurt.
  • Pick off footwear according to the activity you are going to get engaged in. For instance, the regular running shoes and tennis shoes seem identical but tennis shoes are fabricated in a way that they offer support for swift stops and turns.