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Nail Care Tips Home Remedies- How To Take Care Of Nails

Nails are among the most fragile and most prominent parts of your body. But, unfortunately, they are among the most ignored parts toil!Nail Care Tips Home

Nail Care Tips Home Remedies

No matter how much pertly and expensive costume you are wearing and which makeup look you are socking, if your nails are untidy, everything will turn zero.
Nail Care Tips Home Remedies
Your nails scream for attention as they are fragile and get damaged instantly if not looked after properly. However, home remedies are a perfect solution to repair nails problems since they are natural thus absolutely harmless. Here are some random nail care tips home remedies to help you with different nail issues.

Coconut oil:

Regular application of coconut oil before getting to sleep strengthens your nails and cuticles and makes them look lustrous and healthy from inside.

Flaxseed from inside:

Enriched with fatly acid, mineral and antioxidants, flaxseed oil can work wonders to boost nail growth. To draw its nail care benefits use it one or two times a day.

Olive oil & lemon:

A potion created with lemon and olive oil is a multipurpose home treatment for healthy nail. It deep moisturizes the nail, removes stains and promotes nail growth. Simply dip your nail in the mixture for ten minutes. Heat the soak up slightly for faster and much better results.

Orange juice:

Another nail nourishing home remedy involves the use of orange juice. Dipping your nail in orange juice for ten minutes daily significantly improve their shine and make them super strong. Follow the treatment up with a nature moisturize to prevent dehydration.

Apple cider vinegar:

ACV work like a magic to repair discolored nails. Moreover the presence of other nutrients and acid cause your nails to look even robust and shinier after getting ACV treatment.

Dead Sea salt:
Last but not the least a mature of water and Dead Sea salt is known to make nails healthy and strong. Addition of essential oils and moisturizer makes it even more beneficial for the nails. Use