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Short Nails

Nail Designs For Short Nails. Look these awesome nail designs for short nails step by step. Easy nail designs for short nails which give you beauty that should not have to always be complicated for your nails.

Leopard Print Nail Art Design

Are you willing to give your simple nails a chic and elegant look by embellishing them with unique nail art? There are several nail art designs which make your nails gorgeous and sophisticated. One of the versatile designs is Leopard nail art design that is very easy to create. This beautiful and eye-catching design doesn’t need any kind of preciseness …

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Latest Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

Nail are not less than an important body part of any man or women as they also have very much importance in making the personality impressive or depressive and its importance get increased if it the woman is concern as the nail is also treated as the best for giving a good impression. Well, the cosmetics companies have also worked …

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Valentine’s Day 2013 Nail Art Ideas

Valentine's Day 2013 Nail Art Ideas

In the making the personality attractive and more impressive as compared to other every one has to be sure about each and every part of her self. Fashion designers and beauty experts has worked a lot over the complete personality of a women they have deeply observed each and every thing in the strong manners and figure out all the …

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Olympia Le-Tan X Lancôme Rouge in Love Set

In the daily basis we see that the urge of looking beautiful of the women and especially for the women who are now celebrities in the showbiz industry. Well, on the same basis the fashion industry and the international cosmetics companies are launching different line of cosmetic which are less harmful and much beneficial for the ladies who like to …

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Butter LONDON Holiday 2012 Nail Polish Collection

Hey Girls…!!! Here is good news for the fashion lovers that they have some thing really very new to become gorgeous and up to date with the fashion stuff and can enjoy a lot by wearing a really very special color on your nail which is most reasonable for your personality and even more accurate for the season. Here is …

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Pretty Holiday 2012 Nail Art Designs

Her the girls who do not have much time and money to spend at the nail designing saloon and beauty parlors for having the latest nail art designing according the season and fashion they should not worried because here I am going to provide them with the latest nail designing for the best time of the years that are holiday. …

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Halloween Nail Designs

Here I am going to concern with the ladies who like to get indulge in fashion trends on each of the occasion but in a good manners. As we know that we are just a few hours away from one of the biggest occasion of the year that is Halloween. Halloween is being celebrated in the western countries every year …

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Essie ‘Leading Lady’ Winter 2012 Nail Polishes

As the world is getting modernized everything is transforming into the advance forms and people are still in the search to make it latest let’s talk about the Women’s stuff and in that make-up comes first. Well, Make has an importance values in woman’s life as it plays its part on the time of appearance in front of other people. …

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Prettify Your Nails with Lovely Flower Design

Decorating nails with exclusive nail art designs is rapidly growing as a latest fashion trend. In USA, mostly young women and teenage girls visit nail spas and beauty salons to enhance the beauty of their nails. The beauty parlors and nail spas provide services of nail pros, who give your nails a new look, creating beautiful and artistic designs with …

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Duri 12 Shades of Desire Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Nail Collection

For a woman Makeup worth a lot. Every woman likes to become the most beautiful woman in the world and for this sake she applied all of her effort in a particular way. Fashion designers and makeup artists have made their way quite easy as their exploring different styles and designs to groom the woman’s personality and to attract the …

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