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Short Nails

Nail Designs For Short Nails. Look these awesome nail designs for short nails step by step. Easy nail designs for short nails which give you beauty that should not have to always be complicated for your nails.

How to Paint Ladybugs on Nails

Dotting manicure or Polka nail art design is one of the most common freehand nail art designs. For a dotting manicure, you don’t need to spend your hard-earned money and precious time on fancy nail salons or beauty parlors. You can adorn your nails with attractive dots by your own after a little practice. A variety of designs can be …

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5 Easy Steps to Apply Bead Nail Art

In the fashion world, the eminence of nail art designs is increasing day by day. You often have noticed the glamorous nails of model girls and red carpet celebrities in fashion magazines and TV commercials. They spend a huge amount at nail salons for beautifying their nails with unique and eye-catching nail art designs. Nowadays easy availability of nail art …

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Latest Trends of Nail Shapes

Nail shape becomes a major concern, when it comes to give your nails a stylish look for any special event. Trimming the nails in round shape now becomes an outdated fashion. In the new trends, square, oval and square shapes with round tops are becoming more popular. Here we have discussed some latest trends of nail shapes: 1. Round Nails:- …

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Nail Art Designs With French Manicure

Creating nail art designs with French manicures are becoming a popular fashion amongst females in America these days as it offers best options for displaying well-manicured and stylish fingernails and toenails. Let us know about some ideas on how to attain gorgeous nails to complement your outfits. French manicure is like any normal manicure but in the end of process, …

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Stained Glass Nail Art

This is an extremely simple, easy and adorable nail art design created with matte/shimmering white base coat, pastel nail colors, black nail polish, toothpick and a transparent top coat. It looks amazing, give it a shot! Steps to Follow are Given Below: After priming the nails put a matte or shimmering white base coat allover your nails and allow it …

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How To Get Ombre Nails

Ombre nails are a type of manicure in which a gradient effect is created, normally one can do whatever you want get a beautiful nails, but if you want a perfect Ombre Nails look then you need to pick a lighter color on the bottom of the nail and then gradually blends into a darker color toward the tip....

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Cool Nail Designs & Best Nail Art Designs

Normally when we go to nail salons we fell like lost and normally we don’t actually have something specific in mind what we actually need to get and we have to follow what nail artist have for us and that is absolutely wrong....

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Snake Skin Nail Art

It’s been a while since I tried something naughty or funky on my nails, I am using plain nail paints to decorate my nails, but today I am trying something very fascinating, snake is one of my all time favorite animal, I like the shades and the shine and I love sparkle eyes of snakes and I have always been …

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Three Stylish Nail Art Designs to Beautify Your Nails

Nail and hands are most noticeable feature of a human therefore taking care of hands and nails as well as decorating them with beautiful artistic nail designs now become an enduring part of beauty regime. In these days, there are a number of beauty salons and nail spas, which provide their services to give your hands an attractive look by …

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