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Nail Polish Tips and Tricks

All of us desire to have fabulous looking nails each day but of course we can’t spend bucks in salons every week to have our fingernails and toenails manicured and beautified. You can get your nails perfectly manicured by yourself at home if you have the basic know-how of doing it and you also know a few tips and tricks to fix different issues that rise while nail coloring. We have a few professional nail polish tips and tricks to share with you. Take a look at these and follow if you find them effective.

Magnetic Nail Polish Tips and Tricks

  1. To evade air bubbles, don’t shake the nail polish container prior to applying it. Rather roll the bottle back and forth in between the palms of your both hands.
  2. You can use a nail primer or base coat to prime the nails. This step is necessary to create a clean and smooth canvas for nail painting. The nail color applied on a pre-primed nails often stays for long because primer provides it enough support to stay on and it also prevent nails from becoming yellowish. Moreover, it also cuts down on the odds of chipping.
  3. Don’t put on nail color in hurry and also avoid overdoing with it. Rather take your time, take a considerable polish over the brush and spread it throughout your nails evenly.
  4. Keep this basic formula in mind: A base coat + two smooth, thin layers of nail polish + top coat = lasting, wonderful nails.
  5. Never use blow dryer to make your nail polish dry faster if you are in hurry and can’t for it to dry out naturally, this will cause air-bubbles. In its place, put your freshly lacquered nails in cold water.
  6. Coloring out of the lines while applying nail color is a common phenomenon that is hard to avoid. To fix the problem quickly, soak the tip of a cotton swab with a little nail enamel remover and use it to clean the sides of your nails.

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