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Nail Salon Treatments

According to a latest research the number of nationwide nail salons has doubled in the last ten years. Kinds of treatments are different from salon to salon, but in this article we have discussed the major nail treatments, which are typically offered by almost each nail salon.

Nail Salon Treatments

Manicure and Pedicure

Pedicure and manicure are wonderful beauty treatments to maintain the health and attractiveness of hands and nails. The main procedure of both treatments is almost similar that includes soaking hands and feet in warm water, cuticle removal, applying lotion to soften the skin, filing and shaping of the nails and providing hands and feet massage. Application of base coat, nail polish and top coat is the last step in manicure and pedicure. An additional step in the pedicure process is to exfoliate rough, dry skin patches.

Nail Salon Treatments

Artificial Nails

Applying artificial nails is a best option for the females with thin, brittle and unattractive nails. Nail salons usually offer two types of nails to choose from, which includes gel nails and acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are most favorable than the gel nails. Each requires different levels of maintenance.

Nail Art

Nail Art is the latest technique to give your hands and nails an eye-catching appearance. Nail salons provide the services of nail experts to adorn your nails with lovely and elegant designs using different nail art material like nail enamels, nail paints, nail art brush, glitter, rhinestones and beads etc. Most common nail art designs are stripes and plaids, dots design, pretty flower design, freehand artwork and air-brushed pictures. After the London Olympics 2012, Olympics nail designs are also gaining more popularity in females around the world.

Nail Salon Treatments-

Polish Change

Many nail spas offer a polish-change-only service that is usually economical. By taking this treatment, you can change the look of your hands and feet in less than 15 minutes. Changing the polish is also a wonderful way to boost the life of pedicure and manicure treatments. Polish change can be done on each type of nails.