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Nail Tips For Healthy Nails

Sometimes nails start becoming weak and unhealthy without any reason and they start making issues including brittleness and flaky texture and you start feeling that you are facing so many issues where s it is a totally one issues with so many faces, you just need to look after your nails even when you don’t have any issue so here are some simple tips for you to look after your nail and cuticles.

Healthy Nails

Here are some simple tips for you that you can use to get healthy nails and cuticles.

First of all you need to maintain the perfect moisturizer level so drink lots of water and you need to start eating healthy and fresh fruits.

Use a mixture of glycerin rose water and lime just before your get in to bed, wash your hands and take some in your hands and massage all over your hardens and nails and massage for 10-20 minutes and if you have very dry hands and nails then use cotton gloves.Healthy Nails-01


Give your nails some healthy spay treatment with worm and healthy essential oils and you just need to dip your nails in some worm oil and then massage your nails with the same oil and give your nails some pressure too.

If you have dry and dull looking nails then you can use a thick layer of petroleum jelly too, you just need to apply a thick layer and then wear some cotton gloves and in the morning wash it off with some soft nails brush and you not only get beautiful shiny nails, but you will love the way they will look and treat your cuticles.

Healthy Nails-0

Us a healthy nail bath three time a week and for that you just need to mix one tablespoon of Aloe Vera with one tables spoon of Avocado and mix it well and you can even use this every day, but if you don’t have time then you can try three times a week at lest.

Healthy Nails-

Maintain a habit to cut and reshape your nails every week, even if you are growing then long, you still need to give a retouch and that will keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Love yourself and enjoy.