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Nails Fancy Tapes Tutorial

If you have been a diehard fan of nail art designs then you’ll definitely be aware of latest nail art trend—Fancy Tape Nail Designs. Creating unique nail designs using nails has turned out to be popular nail decoration trend in the recent past and its popularity is increasing with every passing day. If you feel like fancy tape nail designs, this tutorial is just for you!

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Things needed for creating Fancy Tape Nails:

The things needed for creating this desirable nail design include scotch tape, decorative edged scissors, nail color and clear polish.

Steps to Fancy Tape Nails:

To begin with, paint your nails in then preferred color and leave it to dry out. Paint you nails the chosen nail color at the same time as you wait for the tape to dry up. You nails ought to be primed, perfectly shaped and nicely trimmed beforehand if you want to get the best possible effect.

As soon as your nails as well as the painted tape are completely dried, pick the scissors and clip the edges of the tape. Keep on moving the scissors while snipping the tape until you get the desired designed. Cut the tape finally.

Cutting the tape to make the longed for design can be a bit tricky, therefore you need to be very careful at this point. It is better to use the sharpest side of your scissors to get the tape perfectly snipped.

Next up, paste the tape onto your nails. It is better to paste the tape when your nail color is dried but still a bit soft; this way it won’t make much protrusion. Clip the excess tape and finish off with a top coat to seal the design.

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