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Fabulous Hair Shades Of Red For Cool Skin Tone

Sometimes, we just need a change. Do we want to go brighter, bolder? Lighter or darker? It’s really fun to play with hair color, but it’s even better when we play to our attributes. Often you find yourself asking, what is the best hair color for me?

Fabulous Hair Shades Of Red For Cool Skin Tones

Red For Cool Skin Tone

What are the best hair colors for cool skin tones? Before you choose or try any hair color ideas, the one important thing to consider is your skin tone. Women of cool skin tones can wear shades of brown, red hair color and even blonde hair colors. Red hair is more than a color, it’s an attitude. Redheads are fun, fierce and ready to take on the world is a radiant red calling your name? Find out which red hue is best for you.
It’s true that only two percent of the population naturally has red hair, but that doesn’t mean more women can’t enjoy this vibrant, energetic, head turning hue. You just need to know how to pick the perfect shade of auburn, magenta, strawberry-blonde or orange-red for your skin tone.

Bright Red For Cool Skin Tone

Bright red highlights cool off a deep, cool red for the best of both worlds. Bold, cool red looks best on pale skin and those with pink undertones. A full fringe works best on naturally straight hair. If you have wavy hair and are digging this look, use a flat iron or blow dryer and large round brush to gently smooth your fringe into place.

Bright Red For Cool Skin

Vibrant Vixen Red For Cool Skin Tone

This hair color is worn best by those with the attitude to rock it. This vibrant red hue will have everyone’s heads turning for a second look. Medium neutral or tan/olive complexions are best for this color. Pale skin can rock this look so long as the hue is cool enough in tone. Medium to thick hair texture works perfectly for this style.

Vibrant Vixen Red For Cool Skin

Copper Red For Cool Skin Tone

Rich, deep copper accented by lighter copper highlights in the crown is great for brightening cool complexion. This red hair color is best suited for those with pale skin tones. This particular color combo also works well with medium neutral complexions that want a lighter color, but like to keep their hair darker around the face.

Copper Red For Cool Skin

Midnight Red For Cool Skin Tone

The deepest red brown sets a seductive tone for those with pale skin. Pale skin with neutral or slightly warm tones looks best in this color. Dark brown is a perfect eye color because the brown matches and plays off the undertones of the hair. Medium and long lengths are best with this color because the length softens the contrast between dark hair and light skin.

Midnight Red For Cool Skin

Strawberry Red For Cool Skin Tone

Beautiful, cool, strawberry blonde makes its way to the top this season as it emulates the cool tones showing up on fashion runways everywhere. This perfect pastel red complements medium to light skin types. This is a balance of the gentle contrast of a cool color in the hair against a cool skin tone.

Strawberry Red For Cool Skin