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7 Types of Nail Art Brushes & Their Uses

Nail art brushes are meant specifically for creating different nail designs and patterns. A full-fledge nail-art brush set comes with 15 different pieces that can further be divided into seven different types. Each of these seven brushes is used for different purposes.

Different Types of Nail Art Brushes

These Brushes Are:

Round Brush:- It is perhaps the most versatile and commonly used nail art brush. You can create easily a variety of intricate designs and strokes patterns easily with round nail art brush. Furthermore, these brushes are also helpful in making 3D designs with acrylic powder and monomer.

Striper or Liner Brush:- As its name suggests, the striper or liner brush is used to create long line and stripping patterns. It means you’ll be in need of striper while making animal-patterned nail art designs such as tiger or zebra prints. A set of striper usually contain three brushes with different needle size.

Flat Brush:- Also known as shader brush, flat nail art brush enables you to create long fluid strokes on top of your nails with ease. Additionally, it also makes the creation of one stroke patterns as well as blending and shading easy. Three different sizes of brushes are supplied in one set.

Angled Brush:- This brush helps you draw single-stroke flower patterns on your nails easily. Since it has angled bristles, you can also use it to double load the two colors while doing nail art.

Fan Brush:- This is another multi-purpose nail art brush that can be used for shading, creating swirls and sprinkling glitter. Moreover, you can also use it as wiping tool to brush off any excess glitter or flocking powder.

Detailing Brush:- This brush facilitates the addition of details to your nail art design. Down to the premium precision effects it delivers, a detailing brush lets you create several master pieces. This is a must-have in your nail art tools kit.

Dotter:- Your 15-pcs nail art brush set also contains a dotting tool called dotter. With a tiny head tip, dotter helps you create tiny dotted effects on the nails. Large-headed dotters are also available in the market if you want to put larger dots.

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