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Simple Nail Art Designs For Toes

Enhancing toenails with some striking nail art designs is a newest wave of hip and trend these days. As soon as summer approaches, girls begin seeking some interesting toenail designs as the season allows them to flaunt their gorgeous, neatly manicured feet.

Simple Nail Art Designs For Toes

Here are some easy and cool toenail designs you will love to try this season.

Night sky toes

Make your nails look like dark sky with this striking toenail design. Apply glittery black or metallic color onto your nails. Hold on for almost five minutes so the color is dried out completely and then using a white striper draw a star on each of your nails. As the big toe has big canvas, it’s better to draw two or three stars on it.

M&M Toes

This cute and easy toenail art design will really add zing to your nails, making them look colorful and juvenile. The stuff needed to create the design includes five candy-colored nail lacquer shades, and a white striper. Paint all toenails in different colors; let them dry out fully and then draw the letter M on in middle of each nail with the help of striper.

Simple Nail Art Designs For Toes-

Zebra stripes

Created in two colors, this is another simple and easy toenail art design for you. The colors you need are black and white. First paint your entire nail white and leave it to dry out completely. Draw wavy stripes onto your freshly-painted white nails afterwards and finally seal the design with a top coat and you’re done.