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Simple Nail Designs For Girls

Nail Designing has become very trendy now a day and women has got it as basic necessity for their personality and it has become even more trendy after and during the London Olympic Games 2012. Even Hollywood celebrities has got pick that trend and started to wear the nail design on the different parties and award ceremonies.

Katy Perry got the most fame when she drew different designs on her nails. So the women are showing their keen interest in the nail designing. A famous beautician has said that the demand of nail designing has increased so fast among the women especially young girls.

Simple Nail Designs For Girls

Many of the beauticians and nails art experts are working on that important stuff and they have successfully introduced many of the designs and arts to make the nails more impressive and attractive. Here I am going to narrate the method of simple nails design. As the more simplest design you will choose the most you will feel comfortable.

Simple nail designs are also suitable for the women of normal age. Well, you need to some of the simple stuff for the simple nail design; two nail polishes of different color, glitter, paper glue, small beads and toothpick.

First of all wash your hands with soap to avoid the extra skin oil from the skin then apply the nail polish of simple and light color on your nail and let it try dry. Now take the toothpick and dip it into the nails polish of dark color and make an impression of flower on the nail or you can draw a dot in the pentagon style and it will look alike flower.

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Then add some glitter in the glue and apply the glue on the nail design and and past the small beads on the glue and let it dry you will find your hands with the simple and attractive nail design which would be draw by your own.

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