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Six Easy Steps to Make Lovely Flower Design

The flower nail art design is one of the cutest and stylish nail art designs. This pretty design never go out of fashion, so you can rock any special event by making a fun with flower nail art. Whether you are getting preparation for attending an office party or accentuating the beauty of your nails for social gatherings, a flower nail art design always help you get a stand out appearance.

Six Easy Steps to Make Lovely Flower Design

Painting lovely flowers on the nails is not a daunting task; you just need some inexpensive tools and little practice to do it. Flower nails design can be created by single color of nail polish but they look impressive when multiple bright shades are used to decorate the flower. Adding glitters in the flower nail art is also a great idea. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step guideline for making flower nail art design.

Required Material

• Base coat
• Nail polishes in different colors
• Nail art brush
• Nail art pen
• Toothpick
• Glittery nail polish
• Top coat
• Tissue

Flower Nail Art: Step-by-step Guideline

Step 1: Before starting with the flower nail art, prepare your nails by giving them manicure treatment. A home mani includes soaking your nails in warm water, trimming and filing nails, pushing back the cuticles and massaging your hands and nails with a moisturizing cream or lotion.

Step 2: Now your nail are ready to be embellished with flower nail art. First of all, cover the surface of each nail by a fine layer of top coat. Once your nails have dried completely, paint them using any light color of nail polish

Step 3: Dip the nail art brush in dark nail polish and use it to make a circle of five dots on your nail. Make a dot in the mid-point of five dots using glitter nail polish.

Step 4: Now grab the toothpick and draw curving lines around five dots, starting each line from the middle dot and ending at the same. These curved-lines will give the dots a look of flower petals. Remember to wipe the toothpick on tissue before drawing the next line.

Step 5: Fill the spaces between the petals and draw an outline around each petal using black or white nail art pen.

Step 6: Seal your flower design by applying top coat. Repeat the process on each nail.