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Style & Care For Nails

Nail art, artificial nails, extensions and many many more things are in nowadays and we try anything that we feel that would look good on us and if you think that by doing all of these things will actually make you look beautiful and smart then you might be right, but at the same time it shows that you don’t care for your body and you don’t care how it is spoiling your nails and how it is sabotaging the top upper layer of your nails and that could be a start of so many nails issue like nail fungus, damage, dry and damaged cuticles and so many more and if you don’t want all of these things then you need to follow these things that I am sharing today with you.

Style & Care For Nails

First thing that I want to share with is don’t cross your limits, it’s good to get nails done once in awhile, but if you keep getting the new one every week or every other day than that is alarming, you need to stop and you need to calm down right now, excess of anything is bad, if you want to look special then you need to look natural beautiful and that is something social now days, you would love going out with nude beautiful and stunningly healthy nails and that would be pocket friendly and comfy too and at the same time when you look after your nails and you pay attention to your nails then you get naturally beautiful nails and you can show off the naturally beautiful of your hands and nails and if you want to get the beautiful nail arts then you should keep it for some special times and occasions and you would love this special look once in a while cause if you get it daily then it is not special, you know what I mean ?

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You need to look after the health of your nails and you need to start from food, eat healthy things and eat fresh food and uncooked greens are great for you and they are good for your bones, nails hair and body too and if you seriously think that you need to add something in your beauty regime then nothing is better than garlic.

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A plain garlic clove is great for your nails and you will see that yourself, you just need to apply the juice of garlic on your whole nails and wash it off in the morning with any nail brush, clean your nails with lime and nail brush and apply a mixture of lime glycerin and rosewater over your hands, feet and nails before your apply the garlic and you have damaged nails from the previous nail arts then use a mixture of honey and Aloe Vera and you will love the result.

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Love yourself no matter what, don’t suffer to look good, beauty is something that is in the eyes of the person who see you and if he doesn’t see a beauty then it’s his business, you just need to see what is good for you and if a loser making you feel that you are not good enough then you should behave smart enough and ignore.