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Nail Art Design Spring 2016 For Young Girls

A few ladies keep on including stickers sequins and stones style, while others are simply attempting to fordrawn cases. For every case, where you are attempting to maintain a strategic distance from is an elegance and magnificence to experience...

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Blue Nail Art Tutorial with Detailed Steps

The nail art pros try different shades of blue to create fantasy and eye-catching nail art designs. Such nail designs are ideal for the girls who are inspired by the beautiful and lovely colors of the ocean. Blue Nail Art Tutorial Here is a simple and easy blue nail art tutorial that can help you flaunt your blue dress for …

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How To Do Nail Designs at Home

Nail Designing at home is not a problem anymore as there are hundreds of ways has been discovered by the experts and beautician by which you can enjoy nail designing by yourself at your home so no wastage of time and money. But you also should be careful about the problems which can be happen to you because of using …

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Glitter Nail Art Manicures

Have you ever tried the leather, lace and velvet on your nails? They look super cute and supper classy although I personally think that nails need some statement looks, some depth and texture, and I personally love the way lose glitter make our nails look, although I feel glittery nail paints look cute, but nothing look more classy and cute …

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8 Easy Steps to Apply Nail Decals

As the nail art trend is growing rapidly, now just manicure techniques and applying simple nail polish is not considered enough to give your nail a modern look. Nowadays painting your nails with the everlasting designs becomes a latest trend in nail art. These unique and beautiful designs can be created by using different shades of nail paint, stickers, flowers, …

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Create Newspaper Nail Art Design in 6 Easy Steps

Long and beautiful nails painted with unique nail art designs, undoubtedly look great. Mostly females think that painting the nails with artistic designs is a very tough job and for this purpose they must go to beauty salons or nail spas. But in fact, this is a wrong consideration; you can create nail art designs your own home after a …

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Rainbow Nail Art Tutorials

Today we are going to create a very beautiful and very simple nail design, if you love colors and if you like to enjoy beautiful bright colors on your nails then that is one style perfect for you and the cute thing is you can use the same style in 2 different looks, So we will start with base coat …

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Side Swipe Nail Tutorial

I love taking things too cute and simple throughout the year, I have beautiful¬† nails naturally so I rarely get artificial nails, specially that gel one or fake ones, I do use artificial nails that you can stick on your nails with stickers, no clue in needed, and I just use plain one coat of nail polish one in a …

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How To Do Nail Designs For Short Nails

how to do nail designs for short nails

Nail design has become very popular among the ladies during and after Olympics. it has become an important fashion trend which is as necessary as the other things are ladies spent a lot of time in the beauty parlor for the nail designing but here is a way by which you can try nail design at your home without wasting …

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