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The Perfect Nail Shape

Today we are going to talk about the perfect shape of the nails, we all know that the nails needs to look longer than they are wider and that is one universal rule of beautiful nails, but everyone has different hands and different nails shape and nail kinds, and sometime one thing look good on one look and then the same look horrible on the other kind of hands an nails, so we are going to help you in that regard.

Different Ways to Shape your Nails: there are so many ways that you can use to shape your nails, straight, vertical, U shape, V shape and half circle, but officially we call almond, mountain peak, square, round, and oval, you can puck any shape and for that you just need to see what kind of fingers you have, if you have long and artistic fingers then you can try any shape you want, but half circle or round nails is ideal for you, if you have round flashy fingers then rock peak nails are ideal to hide the fat of your fingers.

The Perfect Nail Shape

Almond shaped Nails are very classy and feminine nails shape, and they are best to make your fingers look and make the fingers appear thinner and delicate and they are very good to make your nails look beautiful and fascinating.

Mountain Peak Shaped Nails are a very sharp pointy nail shape to make your fatty fingers look thin and delicate, but honestly they are not very simple and very practical as they can damage and brake with day to day work and they can easily break with a slightly hit, so you can get artificial one when you are planning for something spherical.

Square Shaped Nails are ideal for French manicure and they are very good for too thin and bony hands and nails and you don’t actually have to grow too long nails with that and they are easy to have and easy to carry in day to day occasion too.

How to Shape Your Nails Tutorial

Squarely Rounded Shape Nails are the most common and the most regular nails possible, if you want to have long nails with comfortable day today life then this one is for you, normally girls look great with that shape, but if you have too fatty or too round hands and fingers then you would look odd with that, but if you have normal hands then you can rock that look absolutely perfectly.

Best of luck.

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