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Tip for Applying Nail Polish like a Pro

Well-groomed nails painted with bright colors are a best gadget for females to draw the attentions of others. Almost every woman adorns her nails using different shades to attain a glamorous look. But unfortunately, mostly women are careless while applying nail polish. The right application of nail polish is really an art.

Tip for Applying Nail Polish like a Pro

However, it can be easy if you have knowledge about how to apply a nail polish like a pro? The tips described in this article will help you attain gorgeous nails in minutes through a marvelous coat of nail polish.

Never Compromise On Quality

The quality of product is the first thing that can affect the results. If you want to get an even and smooth appearance, never compromise on the quality. Few cents can be saved by purchasing cheap nail polishes but such polishes are more prone to fading and chipping. So, spend few more dollars and enjoy good-looking manicure for a long time.

Prepare Your Nails

Before applying nail polish, make it sure that your nails are neat, clean and oil free. The oil present on your nail surface may affect the adherence of polish. During manicure process, paint your nails before applying any conditioner or moisturizer to hands or nails.

Don’t Skip Base Coat

If you are aiming to apply nail polish like a pro, don’t skip the step of applying base coat. A clear coat or base coat provides your nails a perfect base for polish application. Furthermore, it protects your nails from the damaging affects of pigments used in the nail colors. Cover your bare nails with a single layer of base coat and allow it to dry completely before applying a nail polish.

Apply Nail Polish In 2-3 Sheer Coats

To get an even and smooth coverage, apply nail polish in two or three thin layers. Allow the first coat dry completely before applying the second one.

Importance of Top Coat

While applying a nail polish like pro, the top coat is as important as base coat. It gives a neat finish to your nail polish and enforces your manicure to last for long time without touching up.