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Tips For Healthy & Beautiful Nails

During the cold and chilly weather we normally don’t drink ample water, which result in dryness, rough and dehydration and eventually you get all these ugly looking hands and if you want to get those hands that are beautiful soft and cute like kids then here are some tips for you to adopt.

Homemade Beauty Tips For NailsFirst of all we are going to share some tips to prevent dryness in whole body:

Drink lots of lots of water:- Drink lots of liquid like fresh juice, milk and other healthy drinks, but cold drinks and alcohol are not included in this group. Eat moisturized food, foods that has moisturizer or fatty acids

Eat Good Fats:

  • Take your vitamins and minerals.
  • Take your omega 3 and good fats.
  • Eat fish, eat fish and eat fish.
  • Eat healthy foods, fruits, vegetables and nuts and eat healthy source of minerals dairy products.
  • Now I am going to share some tips that you need to do to get healthy hands and nails.

Use olive oil:-  Soak your hands and nails in worm olive oil after 15 minutes massage with the same oil and use some pressure around your nails and cuticles and this is the best remedies for nails and hands everyday and if you start feeling that now your hands are getting batter then use it once a week and it can help your hands and nails very much.

Be Careful For Cuticle:- if you are using that olive oil massage then I am sure you don’t need anything separately for cuticles, but if you feel that olive oil is not helping your cuticles then buy something for your cuticles an it would be great if you could find some used honey waxed for that and it will work absolutely perfect for dry and damaged cuticles.

Wear gloves:- If you are going out in sunshine then wear sun block then wear gloves and when you are using hands for households then use rubber gloves and always use lotion after washing your hands and after using water for anything. Rock your hands in summer and make sure that when you are going out for summer parties then never forget your sun block and hand lotions.

Natural Tips For Healthy Nails

Healthy & Beautiful Nails

Tips For Healthy & Beautiful Nails

Tips For Healthy Nails

Tips to Keep Nails Healthy