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Tips To Treat Brittle Nails

Today we are going to talk about how to treat and how to deal with dry damaged and brittle nails, we all know that manicures make the nails appear healthy, feminine and even sophisticated, but there are millions of side effects attached with that way of getting beautiful  nails too, excess of everything is bad so you can keep that manicures and artificial nails for something super special and in your day to day life you can use something simple and something natural and it will not only keep your nails healthy and beautiful, but this is a very good way to treat brittle nails too, today we are going to give you some simple ways to treat brittle nails.

Following are some tips to deal with brittle nails at home:

Whenever you wash your hands and do washing or cleaning, take some vegetable oil and apply that all over your hands and massage your nails with it too, it will not only keep your hands smooth and soft, but it will make them strong and healthy too.

Tips To Treat Brittle Nails

Use baking soda to clean your nails everyday and it will actually help you to soften your cuticles too and for that you just need to dip a nailbrush in baking soda and scrub your nails with it and you will love the way your nails shine later on.

Make a healthy dip for your nails and hands and for that you just need to add some salt in lukewarm water with some apple cider vinegar and soak your fingers in that water for some time and then wipe them clean and then moisturizer them thoroughly and for moisturizing you can use tea tree oil with olive oil too.

How to Prevent and Treat Brittle Nails

Make a very magical mask for your nails and hands and for that mix olive oil and lemon juice with honey and then apply it all over your hands and your nails and keep massaging it for 20 minutes and then wash it off with running water to see the difference.

Eat healthy and natural things, use essential oils in your bath tub, wash your hands with mild hand wash and use moisturizer, drink lots of water and take care of yourself.

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