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Tips & Tricks For Improving Your Nails

Your hands and nails reveal a lot about your personality. Well-groomed and healthy nails are mirror of your good hygiene habits, while weak and unappealing nails reflect your carelessness about yourself. Proper care and maintenance of your nails is as essential as pampering your facial skin.

Tips & Tricks for Improving Your Nails

Here are some easy but effective tips and tricks to improve the overall health and look of your nails:

Nails look tidy when they are cleaned and filed properly. You should visit beauty salon at least once monthly for a manicure treatment. Manicure is a best approach to spruce up your nails. If you are busy woman and couldn’t find any time for visiting parlor, a home manicure is best option for you. Having long nails is a popular fashion in these days but the major drawback of long nails is that they need a lot of care and maintenance, otherwise look ugly and untidy. So it would be a best decision if you keep the length of your nails small or medium.

Frequent use of nail polishes and nail paint can spoil the health of nails. Such products make your nails discolored and yellowish. The chemicals used in nail polishes weaken your nails, making them brittle and fragile. Paint your nails when it becomes necessary and try to use acetone-free products. Before applying any nail color, don’t forget to cover the surface of your nails with a fine layer of base coat. It will act as a protection-layer between your nails and colored nail polish.

Excess exposure to water is a main cause of weak and brittle nails. Furthermore the chemicals exist in dish washing soaps, washing powders and detergents, are also harmful for your nails. For the proper protection and care of your nails and hands, you should wear rubber gloves while performing the house hold duties.

Application of artificial nails becomes a hottest trend in these days. The well-decorated fake nails are really a blessing for the girls who don’t possess long nails naturally but they can be a disaster if applied with imperfection. If you are making a plan to use artificial nails for any event, try to avail the services of a qualified technician in this regard.

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