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Traditional Manicure vs Gel Polish Manicure

Getting manicure is an outstanding tactic to keep your nails robust and dashing. The 21st century comes with a variety of manicure techniques. The traditional manicure seals the top place of list if you are looking for a budget-friendly option but if you prefer a long-lasting mani, the gel polish manicure will be a perfect choice for you.

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Let’s find out how the gel-polish manicure is different from natural manicure:

Preparation:- In the traditional manicure, the preparation of nails is quiet simple and you can do it by your own at home easily if you have a little knowledge. The preparation steps include trimming the nails, filling them into an apt shape, pushing back the cuticles, soaking nails for 5-10 minutes, washing and drying hands, moisturizing the nails and applying a coat of clear polish on all nails.

These all steps are critical also for the gel manicure but you can’t do them at home. For this purpose, you must have to hire the services of a nail technician who will give your nails a desired shape using an electric file. He/she will also remove the residues by wiping a special solution on the surface of your nail before the application of base coat.

Application:- Once the base coat dries, the next step of traditional manicure and gel polish manicure is the application of nail color. In the normal manicure, you can paint your nails through two or three fine coats of your favorite nail polish. The key of this step is applying the polish in three gentle strokes and allowing each coat to dry well before applying the next one. After the completion of nail-color application process, you have to wait for at least half hour for touching the nails.

In the gel-polish manicure the color application procedure is bit difficult and only trained professionals can do it. After brushing each coat of nail polish, the pros place your hands under an ultraviolet (UV) lamp to cure the polish. Your manicure has been completed after last curing phase and doesn’t require any special time for drying.

Durability:- Traditional polish typically begins peeling or chipping just within 3-4 days of application and you have to apply a fresh coating of top coat to maintain shine. However, your manicure lasts for maximum one week. On the other hand, gel manicure is more durable than typical manicure. The gel polish doesn’t chip for many weeks even if you continue performing your household duties with your hands.

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