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Types of Artificial Nails & Different Nail Art Designs 2016

Long and healthy nails always grab the attention of others. Some people grow their original nails long enough but some others prefer making the most Types of Artificial Nails offered by different manufacturers. These synthetic nails too look great and are a perfect choice if you want rocking long nails for a single event such as your wedding, engagement or any other event that calls for a bolder and daring look.

Types of Artificial Nails & Different Nail Art Designs 2016

There are many different types of artificial nails from gel nails to sculptured ones. The detailed features of these nails are given below. Take a look and find any one for you.

Types of Artificial Nails

Wrap Nails

Wrap nails are a bit complicated sort of synthetic nails. They are usually glued with diversely cut silk, linen or fiberglass. Relatively they look more real than the gel nails and their natural appearance is further proffered by their extremely thin and smooth structure. The only draw back of wrap nails is that they are least durable.

Wrap Nails Tips

Solar Nails

Solar nails virtually resemble acrylic nails. They give the impression of wonderfully manicured pink or white nails. just like the acrylic ones, solar nails also call for refilling in every three weeks.

Solar Nails Designs

Sculptured Nails

This variety of artificial nails is applied onto the natural nail-plate with acrylic gel or fiberglass. For achieving the longed for shape and length, sculptured nails are sculpted and extended over a foil or metal form. These types of nails are more lasting than any other type of synthetic nails. The only negative aspect of these nails is that regular refilling is needed for maintaining a natural look.

Sculptured Nails Tips

Porcelain Nails

Porcelain and acrylic nails are not much different. Made from a glass-like material, porcelain nails are more delicate and fragile than the acrylic ones. They are certainly most expensive among all nail assortments.

Porcelain Nails Vs Gel

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