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Using a Toothpick for Nail Art

Nowadays nail art is gaining more and more popularity among females. Especially teenage girls are highly impressed by the stunning nails of famous celebrities like Christina, Blake Lively and Katy Perry. The models and celebrities spend a lot of money and time at the fancy nail spas to get attention-grabbing nails. The nail technicians try different techniques and nail art supplies to bring a variety in their designs.

How to Do Nail Designs With Toothpicks

It is unfeasible for every girl to spend loads of money and time at the beauty salons. If you also are one of them; don’t worry. Be creative and adorn your nails by yourself using toothpick as a nail art tool. It could be time consuming but not impossible, you can do it with a little patience. For this purpose, you will need following supplies.

  • Toothpicks
  • Nail Polishes in different colors of your choice
  • Tissue
  • Nail File

How to Use a Toothpick for Nail Art:

1: Make a design:- Once you have decided to do nail art using a toothpick, the first thing you should do is making a design or pattern which you want to paint your nails. You can think your own design if you have a creative mind, otherwise search on Google. Several easy and simple nail art designs are available on internet. If you are a beginner with nail art, consider about dotting manicure that looks perfect for any special or formal event. After a little practice, you will be able to draw complicated designs.

2: Collect all supplies at one place:- After making a sketch of your design, collect all required supplies which include nail file, different nail polish, toothpicks and tissue paper.

3: File the toothpicks:- Before using the toothpick for nail art, gently flatten its one end with the help of nail file. You can do this to several toothpicks at the same time.

4: Apply the base coat of nail polish:- Now paint your well-groomed nails with the base color of nail polish and allow it dry properly. Don’t forget to cover the surface of your nails with transparent base coat before you apply the base color.

5: Dip toothpick in nail polish and make design:- Grab the toothpick and the nail polish which you want to make the design or pattern. Dip the toothpick in the nail polish carefully and use it to make the design of your choice. Always use a new toothpick when you want to apply a different color.

Toothpick for Nail Art

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Using a Toothpick for Nail Art

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