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Waterfall Braid With Curls For Prom Sophisticated

Waterfall Braid With Curls For Prom; You finally have your dress, your shoes, your accessories and your make up all planned out, now you need just one more thing to be prom ready your hair too. Braids are all the rage these days. It’s no wonder given how easy it is to create elaborate up styles or to accent a fun, casual look. Try using different braiding methods like simple three strands, French or herringbone waterfall braids. Test a whole new look by combining a few waterfall braid styles for a totally unique result.Waterfall Braid With Curls For Prom Sophisticated

Waterfall Braid

After all, many of the most popular prom hairstyles are easy enough to master at home. From waterfall braids to fancy ponytails, read on for our foolproof directions. Braided looks also offer a great way to control long hair. Ultra-long hair can be braided, twisted and pinned to showcase your hair in a fresh way.

Waterfall With Bump And Big CurlWaterfall With Bump And Big Curl

The waterfall braid may just be the new top knot. It’s a versatile look that’s exploded on Pinterest and YouTube. Make curls with 4 inch curling rod for chic appearance. We’re certain that this romantic hairstyle is going to be one of the most popular looks for prom.

Curly Waterfall Updo BraidCurly Waterfall Updo Braid

The waterfall updo braid is a classic hairstyle that’s perfect for prom. By changing the part, adding some curl or positioning it high or low, you can make this sporty style look totally formal. While our take on the fancy waterfall updo braid looks like a loose braid, it’s actually created by crises crossing and pinning sections of hair across a mini updo. And addition of side bang creates beauty in this hairstyle.

Waterfall Double Braid With Loose CurlsWaterfall Double Braid With Loose Curls

Waterfall Double Braid with loose curls is eye catching hairstyle for prom. Although it is difficult to handle but it is not impossible. Make first single waterfall braid and then repeat it again for more gorgeous look. Add some loose curl for diverse presence.

Waterfall With French And Messy CurlsWaterfall With French And Messy Curls

It may sound complicated but it’s actually quite simple making it an ideal DIY hairstyle for prom. Just like a French braid, the waterfall braid adds strands of hair with every pass, but the fallen look comes courtesy of intentionally dropped pieces. This is combination of French and waterfall braid for more shutting look adds some messy curls.

Flower Waterfall With Flattering CurlsFlower Waterfall With Flattering Curls

While it works with any hair texture, for prom we suggest trying the waterfall braid on curled hair. You can curl your hair ahead of time or amp up the volume by curling the dropped pieces once you’ve completed the braid. Flower creates a mix of Old Hollywood and modern style.