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What Causes Discoloration of the Fingernails?

The original color of fingernails and toenails is light pink. If you have noticed that your nails are losing their original color, then you need to pay more attention to your health. The discoloration of fingernails may be an early indication of any severe health problem. However, you nails may also change the color due to lack of required nutrients, in these cases, the natural color of nails can be restored by adding healthy nutritious foods in your daily diet plan. Scroll down to find out the additional factors which cause the discoloration of fingernails.

What Causes Discoloration Of The Fingernails

Yellow Nail Syndrome:- Yellow Nail Syndrome is a major cause of discoloration of finger or toe nails. This is an infrequent congenital disorder that leads to thickening of fingernails. In this condition, the color of the nails turns yellowish-green or pure yellow and the growth of nail becomes too slow. Lymphedema, sinusitis and pleural effusions are few of the medicinal conditions, which are linked with yellow nail syndrome.

Yellow Nail Syndrome Symptoms

Improper Diet:- Lack of beneficial nutrients is also a major cause of nails discoloration. Usually the brittle and weak nails have been associated with the lack of iron and zinc. Eating healthy diet – that should be rich in calcium, zinc, iron vitamins and other essential nutrients – is a best way to promote growth, strength and natural shine of finger and toe nails.

Improper Diet

Fungal Infections:- Fungal infection is another major reason of nails discoloration. In this severe condition, the color of nails changes from pink to yellowish-green. There are several types of fungi, which can contaminate the fingernails and cause nail discoloration and flaking nails. Bacterial infection also causes the color of the fingernails to turn green.

Nail Fungal Infections

Frequent Use of Nail Polish:- Mostly females have a habit to use nail polishes frequently. You have to stop this habit if you are aiming to maintain the original color of your nails as frequent use of nail polishes snatch the natural shine of your nails. Make sure to use acetone free nail polish if it is necessary.

Frequent Use of Nail Polish

What Causes Discoloration of the Fingernails?