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What Make Your Nails Weak & Brittle

A weak and brittle fingernail is an ailment in which the nails break from the free end side. This condition is medically known as schizophrenia. The major causes of brittle nails are exposure to harsh chemicals, cleaning solutions, soaps, and detergents; however deficiency of sufficient nutrients also can lead this disease.

What are some causes of weak, soft nails

1: Deficiency of Sufficient Nutrients:

Deficiency of sufficient nutrients leads weak and brittle nails, specifically shortage of protein, vitamin C, calcium, folic acid, iron and zinc lead to make nails weak and brittle so you should intake a plentiful amount of calcium, protein and vitamin B. Vitamin A helps healthy nail growth, and Vitamin B2 supports the overall health of the fingernails. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid produces a substance called collagen, which fortifies the nail bed and promotes the overall health of fingernails.

2: Weak and Brittle Nails Can be Hereditary:

Weak and brittle nails can be hereditary in so many cases as according to medical research, persons who are heritably inclined to this nail problem have greater chances of evolving this disease than other people.

3: Frequent Use of Soaps and Detergents:

One of the most common causes of weak nails is regularly wetting them. Recurrent washing and cleaning of dishes and clothes result as breakage and tearing of finger nails.

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4: Menopause and Aging:

Menopause is also a major cause of weak and brittle nails. In this case, woman has lower levels of estrogen, which results in dry, peeling, and brittle nails. Aging is also a major cause of weak and brittle nails.

5: Regular Use of Nail Polish:

Mostly women have a habit to applying nail polish on regular basis, due which nails lost their moisture and becomes dry. You must try to keep your nails bare for the maximum time, just apply nail polish on special occasions if you are aiming to get healthy nails. Applying petroleum jelly is a best technique to keep your nails hydrated and shiny. Natural oils can also be applied on your nails before you are going to sleep.

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What Make Your Nails Weak - Brittle