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Winter Hairstyles For Black And Long Hair

What is great about long hair is that it is so versatile. You can pretty much do whatever you want with it; create any style for any occasion. However, when you don’t have inspiration or are in a hurry, it is easy to fall back on ponytail. If you are sometimes wondering what to do with your hair, we have put together a list of cute Winter Hairstyles for Black and Long Hair.

Winter Hairstyles For Black And Long Hair

Winter Hairstyles

In these modern days hairdos are very important in new fashion of 2015. Large number of women are getting these winter hairstyles. With the passage of time media is becoming very strong and it is creating awareness in people.

The Flared Bun Winter Hairstyles

You can never really go wrong with buns. And this simple black and long hairstyle will have your hair in place and looking beautiful within minutes. The style essentially involves making a ponytail from your hair which is then opened up by rolling it towards the head from its end, which is then fixed against the head using bobby pins.

The Flared Bun Winter Hairstyles

The Waterfall Braid Winter Hairstyles

This romantic braid has a whimsical feel with draping pieces that make it appear to be more challenging than it really is. The best part is that it’s a braid made for leaving your hair down, so you can show off your black and long locks.

Waterfall Braid Winter Hairstyles

The Cinnamon Curls Winter Hairstyles

The Cinnamon curls are another one of the easy winter hairstyles for black and long hair that are in fashion right now. Divide your hair across the ears in a horizontal manner and pin away the top portion for the time being. With the lower portion, gather the hair into a ponytail and divide it into little sections looped upon each other to give the curl effect.
The ends of the strands are then curled inwards to join the other curls at the back. You can set the final design with some hair spray for a longer lasting effect.

Cinnamon Curls Winter Hairstyles

The Pouf Winter Hairstyles

Bringing back the retro style, the pouf is a classic reminder of how women used to wear their long hair almost a century back. For making a pouf, you need to separate a section at the front which will be the main feature, which can be secured using a clear band. Next, take down your hair from where you placed the band and draw it down and secure with pins and you’re done with another cute easy winter hairstyle for black and long hair.

Pouf Winter Hairstyles

The Perky Side Pony Winter Hairstyles

Sometimes wearing your hair in a bun can feel a little heavy on the head but letting your hair hang lose can be quite messy. The solution lies in the perky side pony. Simply gather your hair towards a side and make it into a pony tail. Fasten the pony with a rubber band and then puff out some hair from the base to create the perky effect. This style is the best among the winter hairstyles for long hair and will take you less than a minute to set up but looks every bit as fabulous as it sounds.

Perky Side Pony Winter Hairstyles